My old boss Mick Robbins used to say to me, there is a Stockmans hall of fame, there is a Shearers hall of fame why isnt there a Brickies hall of fame? Mick loved being a bricklayer he loved the camaraderie, the stories and he just loved the game. He would always tell stories about bricklaying and the characters he met along the way. Mick was a very special man, he came into my life when I was an apprentice. I could have gone down many roads, as my mates were doing all kinds of stupid things. But Mick was just this humble, solid as a rock bloke with such a massive presence. Without really saying too much just smile and Laugh. Without knowing it he was probably the biggest influence on my life and maybe saved it. I want to dedicate this page to him, as it was his idea anyway. I'm going to upload a new bricky every week but he will always be number 1. To the guys with apprentices/young blokes just remember the impact you have on their lives.

Mick passed early this year and i never got the chance to tell him how much he meant to me. With permission from Lyn and family i have added a video played at the funeral

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