W Rose Brick Trowel Philadelphia Pattern trowel

W Rose Brick Trowel Philadelphia Pattern trowel

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When You Want The Best....It's W. Rose The Philadelphia pattern is better suited to lay block as it allows more mortar to be placed on the blade. W. Rose™ Trowels are the World's Finest Bricklaying tools. W. Rose™ Trowels are meticulously hand crafted from special tool steel in a unique process involving forging, heat-treating, and hand polishing to produce the world's finest one piece bricklaying trowels.

Features & details

  • W.Rose Brick Trowels have been made of one piece forged steel for over 200 years
  • 10" Blade with 5 1/4" Heel Width
  • W. Rose blades are unmatched in the industry for strength and flexiblity
  • Special taper grind and superior flexibility in every blade
  • Well balanced for less fatigue