About us

The storey so far...

Peter and Patsy Brown started Browns Brickies and Concreters Gear in 1974. Based in Brisbane they served customers as far north as Darwin and right down NSW, and across the ditch to New Zealand. With specialist tradesman tools you couldn't buy elsewhere.

In the early 2000s Chris and Sharon took over the family business. They continued to serve the loyal customers up and down the East Coast and beyond.

In around 2007 Chris sold Marty Ardagh his first load of gear to start his own bricklaying business on the Gold Coast. Marty become a loyal customer and often spoke to Chris and Patsy about his hair brained ideas. 

In 2019 after 26 years Chris decided he would sell Brown's Brickies. Chris asked Marty to take it on. To continue his love for tools having already started 'Straight Up Tools'in 2016.

Darby was brickies labouring, and his back was a bit crook and said yeah "chuck me in the truck".

As Bricklayer Builders ourselves we use the products we sell. We are on a mission to find the best tools and gear in the world. As well as develop tools specifically designed for making like easier for the Bricky. 

Anything you need we can ship it "Straight up" to you or see you on our monthly trip up the Pacific Highway and down the new England.!!!