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Brickstorm's Innovative Hydraulic Auger Drive Cement Mixer Bowl.

Cement Mixer Bowl for Skid Steer loader with a 65mm Diameter hydraulic auger drive and mix cement with your Bobcat or Dingo skid steer digger.

  • This cement mixing bowl is for use with hydraulic augers that are generally used by Bobcat and dingo type diggers to drill post holes.
  • The cement mixing bowl fits 65mm diameter augers with 22mm diameter locking pin holes.
  • It can also be fitted onto 50mm square drive augers as this fits neatly into the 65mm diameter socket.
  • The mixer bowl is the same bowl design we use on our heavy duty cement mixers with the ring gear removed to save weight.
  • We can also supply just an adaptor to use on existing mixing bowls. Note: the bowl shaft will have to be cut short and it will not be usable on cement mixers in future. See the separate product listing.